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Wesley Singerman

Voice of Wilbur Robinson

Wesley Singerman Fans
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Hello and welcome! :-) I hope you enjoy your stay here.


This comm. is about Wesley Singerman. Who is Wesley Singerman, you say?
Well you might know him as the voice of the one and only Wilbur Robinson from Meet The Robinsons! Yeah, thats him.
This comm. was started May 21st.
You can discuss here anything to do with Wesley, which includes Meet The Robinsons. Pictures, videos you find on the net, audio clips. Whatever.
I also don't mind if you post non-Wesley topics, to start up different discussions. As long as it doesn't wander off into a non-Wesley community.


Not to strict, but I feel very strongly about them.
1. No bashing Wesley. PLEASE. He gets bashed on IMDB and every other site, don't join just to bash him because of his looks/voice/acting whatever.
2. If you post a large picture, put it behind a L.J cut.
3. If you post icons keep the teasers to three.
4. Please no swearing. You can stop yourself, right? Use the words dang, friggin' or freakin' if you have to.


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